About Us

Climate Change and Michigan Forests was developed by faculty and student researchers at the University of Michigan's School for Environment and Sustainability in collaboration with Ann Arbor Public Schools teachers, staff, and curriculum developers.

Funding for Climate Change and Michigan Forests was provided by the National Science Foundation, US Forest Service, University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability, Ann Arbor Public Schools, and the Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education.  

Project Leads

 Dr. Michaela Zint                                                                       Dr. Ines Ibáñez

Dr. Michaela Zint                                                                                   Dr. Inés Ibáñez

School for Environment and Sustainability                                              School for Environment and Sustainability

University of Michigan                                                                            University of Michigan

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Assistance Provided by University of Michigan Students and Alumni

Ben Connor Barrie, Lindsay Bienick, Erin Burkett, Jennifer Carman, Karen Graves, Travis Hlavaty, Linda Isakson, Dan Katz, Meghan Kelly, Ben Lee, Genevieve Leet

Assistance Provided by Ann Arbor Public School Teachers

Amy Deller-Antieau (District Science Department Chair), Sue Baker, Aina Bernier, Margaret Caird, Michael Conedera, Virginia Hawkins, Michael Johnson, Richard Pierce, David Szczygiel, Jean Wilson

Curriculum Consultants

Janet Kahan

Graphic Design (Lessons and Curriculum)

Lindsay Bienick